The Government of Russia renders an opportunity for Zimbabwean students to start or continue their education in the Russian institutions of the higher education. 70 state scholarships are available for applicants every year, including:

  • Undergraduate Education Programs:
    • Bachelor’s degree program (4-year term);
    • Certificated specialists program (5-year term) .
  • Postgraduate Education Programs:
    • Master’s degree program (2-year term);
    • Ph.D. (3-year term);
    • Doctoral studies (2-year term)

The list of specialties available for Zimbabwean students is very wide and consists of more than 100 different alternatives in science and humanities (attached herewith).

All Zimbabwean students applying for Russian state scholarships should submit their applications through the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development of the Republic of Zimbabwe (Department of Higher Education Programmes). The intake tentatively starts in February.

After approval by the Ministry the students should bring the necessary documents to the Embassy.

Candidates should have secondary education certificates (A-Level) with the marks on major subjects not lower than 80% (A or B) of maximum rating, while the marks received on other subjects should also be positive.

Each candidate’s file should contain the following documents filled in either Russian or English:

  1. an application form indicating the code and full title of a chosen professional specialization with an attached photograph (4 x 6 cm). The candidate has the right to choose from one to six Russian institutions of higher education where he would like to study (but not more than two from each federal region, including Moscow and St. Petersburg);
  2. a legally certified copy of education certificate listing subjects studied and examination results;
  3. a legally certified copies of passport’s pages with basic data: name, passport number, place and date of issue (passport should be valid for at least 1,5 years after the date of arrival to Russia);
  4. a legally certified copy of medical certificate issued by an official health authority of Zimbabwe;
  5. a legally certified copy of HIV/AIDS test certificate issued by an official health authority of Zimbabwe.

Be advised that the Embassy will only accept the documents legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Each candidate should fill in the electronic application form at and attach the scans of the mentioned documents online.

The Russian Side does not cover travel expenses of the admitted candidates from their home country to Russia and back.


The scholarship recipients are selected by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education of Zimbabwe. The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Zimbabwe does not make a selection. Potential students have to make an inquiry at the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.